The Hispanic Society Seal has two icons, on the lower half of our seal is a lamb on top of the
Book of Revelations, holding the seven seals of The Apocalypse. The lamb symbolizes peace,
purity, humble, integrity, and holds a white flag. The flag means "truce", or knowledge to stop
fighting. Both, the lamb and the flag, are symbols of "John The Baptist" or San Juan
Bautista, the original name given by the Spanish settlers.

The Department of Sanitation's original logo's focal point is the traditional medical symbol, the
caduceus, to promote the idea that sanitation can affect the health of the City. The wings, staff
and wand were incorporated because the work force, under the commissioner of the time, was
called the White Wings and wore white uniforms. Today the yellow caduceus is set on an aqua
background with a bright red S in the center.
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I would personally like to extend my gratitude to all those
members who have supported this Society in the past and
continue to do so. In addition I would also like to thank the new
members. This website was created for you, the members. My
hope is that it will encourage your involvement by allowing you
to see your responsibilities and growth within the Department.
We are strong in numbers and I am proud of what we have
accomplished so far. Let us keep the lines of communication
open and together through mutual support and understanding
we will make a difference.

              -  Joe Maldonado, President
The Hispanic Society, founded in 1964 as a Society of all members of Hispanic decent within The
Department of Sanitation. The Society promotes respect, understanding and cooperation among
all races within the Department and the communities we serve. Through communication and
mutual support we will continue to grow and promote a work environment free of discrimination
of any kind.